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Born in Montreal (2002), of Japanese and Lebanese descent. 

Currently based in Tokyo.

A diary-like perspective on queerness, poetry, identity, and Tokyo, Exit Number Five's introspective art is complex in its simplicity.

Exit Number five takes the name after an exit at the Meiji-Jingumae subway station, in Tokyo, which opens up to Harajuku, Mizuki's favorite place on earth.



Featured Articles and Interviews





"Gentle Honesty: meet Exit Number Five" by Sabukaru Online

"東京のストリートシーンに欠かせないクリエイター11選 / 11 Creators Indispensable for the Street Scene in Tokyo" by Adrian Bianco, Casey Takumi Omori, Makoto Kikuchi, i-D Japan



"The "i" Word Expo Unbolts Art Gallery Doors" by Abegail Ranaudo, The Link Newspaper

"Hopping Onto Exit Number Five's Train of Lyrical Roughness" by Tamara Attia, The Musée Nomade ConnectArt

"Mizuki Khoury - Exit Number Five" by Generation Montreal, Generation Montreal


Exhibits and Work



New Era Tokyo x Amsterdam group pop-up exhibition and exclusive goods, Tokyo

Toilet Exhibition by Exit Number Five, solo exhibition at Breakfast Club, Tokyo

SABUKARU Exclusive Article Exhibition by Joohee Jeong, Musashino Art University, Tokyo

"TWINS" solo exhibition at SALOOM/SAL Daikanyama, Tokyo

SALOOM GALLERY x T-SITE Tsutaya Daikanyama, Tokyo


Picnic Magazine x Exit Number Five collaborative t-shirt, London

"Tokyo Socialite" solo exhibition and exclusive goods, Tokyo

"SABUKARU HARAJUKU 001 'KIOSK'" collaborative tray, Tokyo

Animation for MV "CRASH!!!" by SATOH feat. lil beamz & AOTO, Tokyo

P.O.N.D. 2022 "IN DOUBT", hosted by PARCO SHIBUYA, "HIGHER UPS, STOP THE CYCLE" mural and exclusive goods, Tokyo 



"MY CULTURE IS NOT FOR DISPLAY (But My Art Is)" Expo at Marché Floh by ConnectArt x Exit Number Five, Montreal, 

"MY CULTURE IS NOT FOR DISPLAY (But My art Is)" Limited Tote Bag at Marché Floh, Montreal

"We're In This Together" Tote Bag at Marché Floh, Montreal, 

Album cover for "Pink" by Who28, Tokyo



"Under the Heat of the Sun" Virtual Expo by Sage MTL x Underdog, Montreal

"i" Word Expo by Underdog x Boiling Point, Montreal

Pop-up at Cafe Club Expresso by Collectif Commun’art, Montreal

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