Oh?/ mizu is writing a blog

Piece of intro!!! Catch me here from now on!!

U know, i don’t like talking about my feelings and stuff. My previous therapist said it was because of some emotional issue i had but i disagree. Ngl he didn’t help much, probably because of mentioned above. Hopefully a virgo will fix me but for now i’m doing fine with no therapy (^-^)/.

So instead i write. I write well according to my teachers but idrc at this point like,,, this is a blog on wix. Not gonna go all critical analysis on it.

Perhaps i’ll write about my art. Some of yall nosy so stay tuned <3 but then i’ll just be be naming names and talking about tokyo. I hate to break it but my art is only deep for me because how am i supposed to convey the importance of having mcdo for lunch in shibuya back in 2019? Like the symbolism of breakthrough and the revolution behind it. Like how am i supposed to explain that to others?? U weren’t there!! So it doesn’t matter.

Lately, i’ve been wearing dresses again. For some reason I feel less dysphoric. That makes me happy because now I can dress like pinterest girls and fulfill my ego needs :)

me at the park wearing a dress i got in sec 2 that is WAYYY too short but it doesn't matter as long as my mom doesn't see it

I hate opening up. I think I’m mostly scared of looking ridiculous and being made fun of but does it even matter at this point,,, i wanna live my internet prom queen blogger dreams!!! Will be talking talking talking. Hopefully one day i can do it in japanese w all the kanji n stuff (*o*) but that’s for later when I pass n2 jlpt. Wish me luck!!! :D

Here’s some music recommendation:

Good Girl by The Mad Capsule Markets

Edgy underground 2000’s j-punk (or j-rock? I don’t do music I’m a painter idk the nuances) that I found thru stalking jun inagawa interviews (~-~) he’s so cool

Allen Street by Pretty Sick sab is also so cool (the lead singer n bass player) all their other songs slap it’s like you’re living a coming of age angsty teen movie, very pinterest daydreams 10/10 recommend

BBM Baby by Lana Del Rey another unreleased!! I love youtube lana leaks lol

everything i do is for exit number five. ttyl

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