things i learned this summer feat. marie in stores

Summer 2021 was.... so fun. My camera roll is taking up all the space on my phone bcoz i took so many pics n fr this beat summer 2019 EASYYYY. Like i went everywhere n did everything. Shout out to everyone that was part of it :( i miss u i miss u!!!!!!! n thank u!!! ily!! :D

my brain prolly shrunk exponentially these past few months but i did learn a few things. Like i barely even did any art bcoz i was never home..... i think last time i drew was w chloe or at conco library w izzy. that's last month.....

anyways, new things in mizuki's world feat. pics of marie in various stores

A) rinse those fkn dishes then put them in the dishwasher. N like put everything in the dishwasher including tupperware lids bcoz idk why my mom wants us to wash them by hand (?)

constantly being near marie n izzy's dishwasher taught me the simplest thing..... no wonder my beaco home's dishwasher cleans like ass. The door of it won't even close properly.

Marie in a grocery store downtown. Chloe was hidden behind the camera i think coz we went to buy food for their fridge. Sept 2021

B) say yes to everything. Just hop on

Because when's the next time u get this opportunity.... u know? like don't sweat it. Honestly i would overthink making plans n going out n meeting new people becoz there r so many risks to it (what if i don't have fun/how am i going home/i have no money etc etc) but... c'est vrm pas si deep des fois. Taught me to say yes n go w it. Obvs c bien d'etre prepare n all but there's only sm u can do abt it. So azi

Marie in a korean grocery store in toronto. I think that's also chloe right behind. Aug 2021

C) Mayo is raw eggs.

:/ idk i never thought much abt it until we looked it up. Apparently the eggs r pasteurized but it's kinda unsettling,,,,, regardless i'm a whore for mayo. It's like a moisturizer for a sandwich n i stand by my statement coz it makes sense dead serious. dry ass sandwiches r not in my diet

Marie at winners at fairview. She was trying on aggressive ass heel boots that looked good b4 she put them on. Sept 2021


"Should i wear this.... or this. or maybe i should act like that, but no, because wait, do i have something between my teeth, or maybe" khalas bro khalas. Like it's been decades that I know no one gives a shit abt how i look or act or talk but bro people r too worried abt themselves to give a shit about you. C alarming when u get stared at n u feel like everyone thinks ur dumb n confused but jte jure half of those people r high off their minds OR need to find a hobby. N fuck you if ur judgemental n think everyone cares abt u (goes hand in hand)

Marie at walmart coz we were shopping for our camping trip. June 2021

E) on a similar note... let people talk shit abt u

Coz we really aren't all that HDJHEJ honestly i can be an asshole so i don't take it personal if I find out people talk shit abt me behind my back. It's either that they're projecting OR I was actually a bitch n deserve to be fkn discussed. I'm not gonna be the best in every situation n perso that's cool ca add du charactere je trouve!! Like oui I do my best mais c pas tlm qui va catch,,, so it's ayt. My friends know I mean well n i talk shit too so ca passe. n also what people think abt me is none of my business anws jvais pas chercher a savoir

Marie at pharmaprix bcoz izzy drove us (me marie jialin n yue shan) there n honestly that was such a great decision bcoz my cousin is a queen n gave all my friends her employee discount. Sept 2021

F) friendship is pretty much based on trust + fun

Je dis ca coz if u can trust a person n have fun w them.... that's pretty much a friend. But if u can trust someone n not have fun, bin ehhhh i guess. Same w if u have fun w them but can't trust them (i don't recommend also some of yall have terrible TERRIBLE friends). I grew closer to some people n cut off others so it taught me who to prioritize. Make sure ur friends make u feel loved too. If they don't put in the effort in being considerate..... ew

Marie being pretty in a grocery store in toronto :) Aug 2021

G) being sad fkn slaps.

I'm in my mitski era. like how do u cope w listening to Class of 2013 for the first time. I even learnt it on the piano n girl do i look like i play piano????? but i think being nostalgic n putting ur phone on airplane mode to sob for hours n let it all out n not tell anyone is... good. Helps me. sometimes i need to curl up in a ball for no reason n then I'm ayt. I love feelings it's always so entertaining.

Marie n jialin at a grocery store in china town!! peep le tote <3 jialin got legs for DAYYYS!!!! queen!!! July 2021

H) You can get constipated from stress

://// .......

Marie n i hunting for fruits in toronto. We got blueberries n cherries btw :) Aug 2021

I) when traveling, make sure u arrive early at the station/airport wtv just be early

LMAOOOOOOO me n marie missed our train to go back home from toronto.... my cousin was a hero n got us on the last train fr what would we have done without u bro. king. I was too ashamed of it to tell my parents BAHAH JDHJDD

Marie at couche tard w kari!!! Kari is so cool. I love all my friends sm. July 2021

J) sometimes U just need some distraction

Genre yea c bien de journal talk abt ur feelings n be present but I realized that being rational w ur feelings gets so dehumanizing apres genre why do i always need to fix n heal n improve bro perhaps i'm not perfect?? like?? can i have a minuteeee..... like 90% of my problems will get solved by a good movie or going out or cooking. As long as ur not relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms n ur self aware enough mais vrm if I'm bummed out I'll just go on my saved meme folder n apres j'oublie that i felt shitty. ET AUSSI break up tip just go out n have fun ya pas de time to rationalize, ur ex was shitty et khalas

Marie at a tim hortons in the middle of fkn nowhere in the middle of the fkn night bcoz we got lost ( i later found out ct juste dorval lachine LMAOOO mais bon) July 2021

K) the cop voice actor from paw patrol is a rando skater boy at christie park.

I hope he's doing well him n his friend cole. Super cool guys.

Marie at walmart for our friday night plans (making mac n cheese n feed 2 families w the amount we made bro..... baby jesus) July 2021

L) Microwave rice hack

1 part rice (i did short grain white rice) n 2 parts boiling water. Put both in a microwave proof container n blast that bitch uncovered (so no lid) for 12 minutes on high, then take it out, cover it (so with lid) for 10 minutes. If the rice is watery, microwave her uncovered for an additional 2-3min n u should be ayt. JUST DONNTTTTT EAT uncooked rice. DONT. n DONT eat old rice u might actually die.

Marie at couche tard. Chloe was also w us but they're not in the frame (again) istg i have pics of her too plz. n also my brother but like doesnt matter. July 2021

Last but not least aiko at couche tard!!! curious abt the raspberry smirnoffs!!!!! such a queen!!!! July 2021


disclaimer: everything said here is based on MY experiences so idk. If u take my word n u fuck up c pas ma faute. Like what if I'm just lying in this whole blog u know.....

Merci a la mif pour me laisser post ces photos!!!

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