What world is in ur head?

Last time, i was talking w marie about how all the friends in the squad give off diff vibes n we were talking about what their world would look like, based off of that. Jas’ world would be somewhere near the beach in italy, for example. With fresh fruit and sunsets. Something like that.

What would yours be?

I know mine for sure.

I used to have a very detailed world in my head all through out high school, with characters and people and storylines and stuff. I would get caught up in it for hours just thinking and creating stuff to add on. I later learned that it was called maladaptive daydreaming and it all died out (ToT)

But i kinda let it die on its own. It was basically just a very desperate dream of mine, it was getting old and overplayed and overrated in my head. But i didnt rehearse those lines for nothing u know!! There was a plan behind it. At least i’m falling thru. The first step was relatively easy. Took me a few months to get it done. The second step is taking longer. It’s been 2 years now. But it’s fine u know, i’ll be leaving in october n from then I can just go on w step 3.

Honestly, i only have 3 steps in the plan. Which is basically:

  1. Go to tokyo and come back

  2. Go to tokyo n don’t come back

  3. Create a network (basically talk to people)

We’ll see how everything else falls thru. I know it’ll be ayt i’m just worried that i’ll overshare on my green story bcoz i’m bored n need quick relief. I have screenshots of all my best stories from 2019 n it blows my mind bcoz life seemed so much more eventful then (but it rly isn’t true… getting a b&w filter d pic from a tinder guy isn’t “eventful” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

What’s been ringing in my head lately is pretty predictable. Think of Misa misa and osaki nana adjacent to the planning of my next fit. But it’s still tokyo. Always been tbh. I don’t think a day went by since i was 14 where i didnt think of it.

i hope I look like someone who listens to my dead girlfriend

Back in odaiba in 2019, I remember ken telling me that i must be feeling homesick from being so far from montreal. Honestly, never been. Stepping back in YUL always made me wanna curl up in a ball.

forever in debt to kohh, idk abt j $tash bcoz i recently found out he's a trumpie :(

here's some new stuff. from tokko 3.

202107 tokko 3 play dead

202107 tokko 3 sad stories

202107 tokko 3 anime gf again

202107 tokko 3 going home

reading mangas was such a big deal to me in 4th-6th grade. i would flip the pages so carefully n be utterly shocked if found a corner dog-eared (so vulgar...) but now I don't find them as important. they're just things. either way the ones I tear up are second-handed or picked up from rue de bullion. Otaku culture is hot, thank you Project Cool Japan 2001.

also if ur reading this, dm bcoz i wanna sell these (35$ for 1, 80$ for 4). montreal pick up preferred or 10$ shipping. mizuki needs to get rid of art bcoz there's no more space to put them up in this room.

stay safe <3 goodnight

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